Independence Planning Services.

Our Independent Senior Living Community is much different than others in the fact that we are able to establish and maintain networking relationships with community-based services that our tenants need in order to help them "Age In Place." Our goal is to have The Community at Sunset Wood your final home which you can relax with the comfort of all the services you need whether it be medically or through companionship.

Community Specialist.

The Community at Sunset Wood provides all of our tenants a Community Specialist who acts as the liaison between the tenant, their families, and their health care professional team within the community. When the need arises, we will connect tenants and family members to community-based services to maintain the tenant's ability to live with independence and the goal of "Aging In Place."

Advocacy Services.

We will continue to cultivate relationships with senior service providers within the community upon hospitalization. Our constant contact with discharge planners, family members and health care professionals ensures a safe return home.

Educational Opportunities.

Our goal is to advocate not only our tenants but also their families by coordinating education programs. Lifelong learning is a noble pursuit that will keep our senior community both engaged and challenged during this chapter of their life. Our educational workshops are on a wide-variety of topics including, but not limited to, health-related and safety classes.

We understand that as we age, our judgmental, physical and mental abilities start to change. This is why we pride ourselves in providing our tenants with the highest quality education we can possibly offer to help them stay engaged mentally while living within our community.

Transportation Services.

The Community at Sunset Wood knows how important it is for our tenants to remain mobile and keep their independence.

Still like to do your own grocery shopping? Do you like to go to the mall, hairdressers, library, or appointment? We can help you do that! The Community at Sunset Wood provides transportation for those who want to reduce, or eliminate, driving. Our friendly chauffeur will provide door-to-door service, Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm within the Utica area. It gives our tenants the feelings of both comfort and security knowing that we can take care of their transportation needs.

Safety and Security.

Our 911 Emergency Pull System is located in each suite and penthouse along with multiple common areas throughout the building, which acts as one of the many safety features of living within our community. One the switch is activated, 911, the New Hartford Fire Department as well as both on and off-duty staff members are all notified. The Fire Department and paramedics are the only ones who physically attend to your needs.

Upon arrival to the tenant, staff members will assess the situation and comfort them while help arrives. Staff will then contact listed family members to inform them of their loved one, the relevant information on the situation and what hospital they will be transported to.

Our building is completely secured and locked at all times. In order to gain access into our facility, a guest must call either the tenant or front office to be let into the building. Every tenant has the capability of letting their guest in at the click of a button without ever having to step outside of their home. In addition, every community entrance has a security camera for increased protection.

This is good independent living in a fine neighborhood where transportation is available and your emergency needs are close at hand.
— Eleanor A., Tenant