Donating to The Sunset Home Foundation

The Sunset Home Foundation is responsible for many of the services that are available to our tenants at The Community at Sunset Wood. Its mission is to help promote independence to and for our seniors living at The Community at Sunset Wood.

The Sunset Home Foundation has been supporting our senior population since 1996 and is responsible for creating the “foundation” for one of the best independent senior living communities in all of Central New York today.

It has provided many valuable services that are critical to the lifestyle of our community. Examples of these services are transportation, health services and apartments below market rate.

Success Stories

  • In 2008, the foundation was responsible for fulfilling the purchase of our transportation van. Tenants use The Community at Sunset Wood’s transportation every week to make appointments, go shopping and to meet up with friends or family. The foundation has also helped keep the price of transportation very economical and below the cost of other transportation options for our senior community.


  • The Sunset Home Foundation has also offered scholarships to fund home health care to those in need who reside at The Community at Sunset Wood. These scholarships have helped many tenants over the years to remain at home at The Community at Sunset Wood while confronting a health concern rather than seeking the services of an institutional facility.


  • The Sunset Home Foundation has a direct effect on our tenants’ wallets. Over time, prices in our economy have continued to climb and the cost of providing quality independent living has multiplied. While other area independent living facilities raise their rent every year by 3-5%, the foundation allows The Community at Sunset Wood to continue to keep our rent below market rate. Though rent increases occur at The Community at Sunset Wood, they are historically not done annually and are typically kept at a lower percentage than what is approved.


  • Other examples are shown in the addition of the Community Room Patio Awning and our beautiful Rooftop Patio which is a product of the Alva Cerri Flower Fund.

The Sunset Home Foundation can only continue to provide to our community if monetary contributions are made to help fund its valuable services for our senior population. Please consider making a tax deductible contribution or leaving us in your will. All major decisions should include your financial advisers and accountants.

If you would like to discuss estate planning, you may also call our Executive Director, Rev. Carol Jubenville, who is well respected in the area of planned giving.

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